Notes : Colorful Notepad Note,To Do,Reminder,Memo Hileli Mod Apk indir

Notes : Colorful Notepad Note,To Do,Reminder,Memo Hileli APK indir Lemon, Inc tarafınadan Full hileli Apk olarak üretilmiştir Yaşam Tarzı kategorisine Hileli olarak eklenmiştir

Mod Oyun İsmi: Notes : Colorful Notepad Note,To Do,Reminder,Memo Apk indir
Mod Oyun Kategorisi: Yaşam Tarzı
Mod Oyun Yapımcısı: Lemon, Inc
Toplam Mod İndirme: 1.000.000 - 5.000.000
Oyun İçin Gerekli Hileli Android Sürümü: 4.1 ve üzeri
Hileli Mod Oyun Yapım Tarihi: 2 Aralık 2017

Chroma Note™ is a simple notepad app to take notes by color. Take simple colorful notes to distinguish different types of notebook, simply open your notepad whenever you have notes to take down. Color notepad makes life simple with notebook at hand. Chroma Note is as simple as a physical sticky colorful notebook, but far more convenient and easier to use.

What does Chroma Note app do?
1. Organize notes by color. Create your own colored notebooks.
2. Quick notes: take notes within seconds, our notepad app only aims to save you time.
4. Simple to-do list for your daily checklist.
5. Widget: make and scroll through your notes without having to open the Notepad app.
6. Offline: the notepad app works completely offline. No WIFI is needed at all.
7. Reminder: it reminds you of things when necessary. We only send notifications when needed.
8. Password protection: protects your notes with pattern code.

Why choose Chroma Notes?
1. Useful record
    a. of important points for future use
    b. of where the information comes from.
2. Helps writing.
3. Helps ideas flow.
4. Helps you get started.
5. Helps understanding
6. Helps memory:
    a. Summing things up briefly
    b. Helps long-term memory

How to take effective Chroma Notebook?
1. Be brief and clear - use underline and color
2. Be useful - cut out unnecessary info
3. Be eligible, but only for you - no one else need to read them
4. Should contain any useful names, dates, statistics that you need to use again.

Our Notebook app is optimized for Samsung and Motorola phones which will help you enjoy taking note - Chroma note is your best choice.